Thursday, June 17, 2004

Visiting Relatives

Swinging at granny and grandpa's house yesterday! They liked this swing a lot!

M playing with the car! She claimed this as her very own and had some trouble sharing it. The "mine" reflex is coming in very strongly right now. Hopefully it leaves just as quickly as it came!

M loving Grannie! She just doted over grannie yesterday. It was quite sweet to see her warm up to someone else like that!!

A riding her bicycle! They have a nice long driveway that offers much more room than our driveway does! So yesterday I put the bies in my trunk so she could enjoy all the space there!

A playing on rocks (this is at the edge of the driveway at grannie and grandpa's house)

The girls in the water yesterday! The neighbor across the street was very kind and let us borrow t-shirts since we didn't bring swim suits with us!

The girls sharing a flavor-ice yesterday! They both loved them! =)

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