Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

This morning ...playing outside before the big party!

One of our neighbor's came over at lunch time and gave us a gift ... so sweet =)

Yeah! A puzzle! I love puzzles!

Mom and dad told me to take a nap so I'd be rested ... but I didn't do it when they told me to. Instead, I played nad played and when the party started, guess where I was?

Yep, fast asleep in my bed!

But I finally woke up and there was grandma ... she gave me the dress I'm wearing =)

And here's another present from her!


This is a cool gift!

Opening the present from my sister. I was pretty cute, I actually looked like I was "reading" the card!

Another baby from my two aunts! Woo-hoo!

Yeah another computer game from grandpa and grammy! Woo hoo ... can't wait to play it!

Daddy filming me!

A very pretty dress all the way from New Hampshire! =)

I may look cute, but really I'm thinking about which of my sister's presents I want to borrow and which ones I'll just leave to her! ROFL!

My cousin was helping me out! =)

Not a great picture, but I did get the Aquadoodle I asked for! Thanks mom and dad!

Thank you everyone! I'm so happy =)

Aren't I cute?

Really, I'm tired

But not too tired to play with some new toys ;-)

Time to blow out the candle!

Daddy, I like everyone singing to me!

And blow!

Overall, I had a great birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it so special and wonderful! =)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Proof of our schooling LOL!

Here are some pictures of a few of the fun things we have been doing for our studies about space and all that is out there =)

An "experiment” with bouncing light off a spoon

Making a constellation with paper and flashlight

See the stars(dots on the paper)?

Checking to see why the moon sometimes looks like a circle and why it sometimes looks like a piece of watermelon ;-)

turning to see how it changes!

We became star gazers =)

A was so into all of this stuff =) It was so much fun ... we ended up star gazing several nights. She loved it so much that she now wants a telescope!

Having fun =)

Vacation Pictures ...

Pictures from E's vacation

This is where they left from ...

The scenery is amazing ... it almost makes me want to go camping too ... almost ;-)

The camp site ...

That's my husband! =)

Where he slept one night ... looks comfy, huh? LOL!

More pictures …

The night it rained! Bummer

Aside from that, the weather was nice the rest of the trip. And dh really had a good time =)