Monday, December 26, 2005

What a cute outfit!!!

More Christmas day

Later in the day grandma, grandpa and family came over.

Papa finally meets his grandson

After all they had already opened .... it was time to open more!

Lots of fun gifts for my bitty babies!

And I got lots of things for my doll Kit

Christmas Day ...

The tree after "Santa" visited! What you can't see is the three-piece kitchen set on the other side of the tree and the stockings. It was very over-whelming!

daddy's turn

I love it!

believe it or not, she's holding a purse (it zips up into a purse!!)

Hey baby!

Ummm ... what's in this big box?

Singer on the box ... I know what it is (and then I started to cry!)


Playing with their new kitchen set

Look at this mess LOL!

talking on the phone to graham and pop. We just wish they were closer.

Christmas Eve

My little man dressed for Christmas

The tie has trains on it =)

M loving her new towel!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My new teddy bear

Holding my teddy bear ...

Hugging my teddy bear ...

Trying to eat my teddy bear!

Sibling love ...

The doting big sisters

They were so excited because he was holding their hands!

I love my baby brother!!

Some more of my purple mouth

Misc. Pictures

My first visitor at home ... we are birthday buddies!

Yeah! More hands to hold me!

Finally Aunt M gets to meet him! She was sick earlier in the week and patiently waited to feel better to come visit ;-)

Going to have my first spongebath at home ... I'm not to sure about all of this. And yes, my mouth is purple. It's because I had thrush and this was what the medicine did to me!

getting washed some more ...

Yummy breakfast!!

Hanging out with daddy =)

Mommy loves this outfit! LOL

Playing with daddy

Snow Day!

Oh yummy .. an icicle!

It's kind of cold!

A making a snow angel

It's looking good!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Our Newest Arrival!

Born Sunday, December 11 at 12:01 pm
8 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long

And here he is!

Look at that scale … 8 pounds 9 ounces (he beat his sisters by over a pound in size!)

Mom still shocked that it’s a boy in her arms!

The proud daddy! Actually, daddy was the one who caught him when he first arrived! It was just an amazing thing!

My big boy

Midwife, mommy, baby, daddy

Grandma … our first visitor!

The big sisters meeting their brother … and they sure are in love with him!

Holding baby brother for the first time (sorry it’s blurry)

Now I’m a big sister too!!!

She is just in love with him … she told us the entire pregnancy she hoped God would send her a brother … and He must have been listening!

3 generations

My sweet little man

Yeah! Finally going home (take 2)!!!! After initially going to release us on Monday night, things changed when they discovered (as we literally had our coats on) that he had a fever. So we were not allowed to go home … but he was just dehydrated and we got him quickly hydrated and were allowed to go home this morning (Tuesday).

He’s such a great little baby so far! And enjoying all the attention he is getting =)