Monday, August 02, 2004


Okay, there are a lot of pictures here from vacation (roughly 110!) but I promise I only posted about 1/3rd of what I actually took!! Anyway, vacation was a blast! We all had fun! And as icing on the cake, we came home to a contract on the house! Woo-hoo!!
The kids (and dh and I too) miss Graham and Pop tremendously, but hopefully too much time will not pass before we go to visit again.
I personally was in awe of the ocean. I felt like a little kid out there - just amazing all around!
Anyway, hope everyone else is well and happy! =)

Sunday July 25

Sunday we went to Storyland. It’s an amusement place where kids can go to have a fun time! By the end of the day though, all the adults were tired and A was bummed that it was closing because she still had MORE energy!! I don’t know how she did that! LOL!!

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey ……

My little bunny!! Too cute!!

Pop, A, Graham and Dad riding the teacups!

Pop, M, and A with the wolf that tormented the 3 little pigs!

Sitting pretty on a pony!

Queen Mom …. I would have been content to stay there all day!! Hehehe!

On the swans. M really enjoyed this ride. She was upset when it was time to get off! LOL!

Daddy and the girls in jail!

Riding on the little donkey

M gets a turn too!

Having fun!

The “rain room.” A really had a blast going in here! She popped in whenever she could!

Riding the little train.

M and mommy on the winkin’ blinkin’ and nod ride. M was okay for a few minutes, but we ended up asking for the operated to let us off early! Oh well, she did enjoy it for the most part though LOL!!

A and Pop enjoyed the ride much more however LOL!

A pretending to be Heidi!

On the Bambo Chutes ride. One of A's favorites!!

She especially loved the big splash at the end!! =)

Monday July 26

Monday we basically did a lot of shopping. There are a lot of outlets around Graham and Pop’s house so we take advantage of them LOL!!!

We did take a train ride on the Conic Scenic Railway. It was fun and we enjoyed the nice relaxing ride.

Graham and A sharing a bedtime story.

Tuesday July 27

Tuesday we lounged around for awhile. Then we decided to head out and do some bowling! We all had fun =)

Hey! Hey! The gang’s all here …. All ready to do some bowling!!!

There is nothing cuter than watching an almost 2 year old bowl … okay, so watching A was just as cute too!! LOL!

Picking out the perfect ball.

Watching it go down the lane!

And when standing becomes too much, you can always relax a bit and watch it! LOL!

A bowling with some pointers from pop!

She sure had fun throwing her balls down the lane!!

After bowling, A went with Graham and Pop to pick out lobsters for dinner. Daddy requested them as a special dinner for him! Luckily for mom, they also picked up some hamburger meat =)

M checking out the lobsters. She wasn’t sure what to make of them though!

Daddy, A , and Pop with the lobsters! A was also unsure of the lobsters too!! Daddy and Pop would like to teach her to like them though!!

Looking at them a little bit closer

Despite daddy’s best efforts, M wouldn’t eat the lobster. However, she did enjoy the corn quite a bit LOL!!

A and Graham playing a game of Care Bear Uno before bedtime!!

Wednesday July 28

Wednesday we hung out at Graham and Pop’s house. Then after lunch, it was time to say good-bye to their house. We all headed over to Maine (Ogunquit) to see the Ocean! The girls first time to the ocean as well!! =)

S smelling the pretty flowers in front of Pop and Graham’s house.

M is getting ready to go to Maine … she’s buckling her baby in the car!!

A playing paddle ball - a game invented by her!!

Graham, Pop, M, and A…. Right before leaving New Hampshire to head over to Maine.

We made it to Maine … M's first look at a beach!!!

A's first glimpse of the beach … she wasn’t content to just look though! She was ready to hit the water!

The gang … Eric, M, Graham, A and Pop on the beach! The hotel is in the background.

The girls riding the trolley! They both really enjoyed it =)

Thursday July 29

Thursday was a fun day! Playing on the beach, in the sand, the water, the girls got to fly a kite!
After all the beach fun, dh and I were able to go out to eat by ourselves. Afterwards, we went to see the musical CATS at the local theater! It was a great day overall =)

Daddy helping the girls in the sand.

Pop coming to help as well!!

They had a nice wall going until Godzilla, I mean M decided to walk on it LOL!!!

Flying the kite!! It’s hard to see, but the kite is up in the air!! =)

Graham helping A get the kite up!

Daddy and M watching the kite. Later M took a turn flying it, but I walked away and missed it all, and hence no pictures of it.

All that work makes for one tired baby … Here’s M napping in the afternoon. All babies look angelic when their sleeping I think!