Monday, June 21, 2004

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day:

Happy Father's Day!! =)

Daddy's first gift: a picture of both girls together. We left it at the top of the stairs for him to see when he got home

Opening A's gifts.

Hugging A as a thank you!

Daddy enjoying M's gift.

Giving daddy his book.

Looking at the book they gave him!

Sorry ... it's a picture of a picture! Not the best .. but it's what I have! Both girls gave dh a frame like this ... A's were done professionally (have no digital copy hence the picture of the pictures) but M's were taken by me, which is why her pics look better here. In person, I think you'll find A's look the best, but it doesnt' translate very well here!

A's first picture (try to ignore my reflection in the glass! ROFL!!)

A's second picture

M's first picture

M's second picture
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