Saturday, June 05, 2004

Friday June 4

A and Her aunt were talking to each other through the monitors this morning! I thought it was cute so I had to take a picture - for the sake of the blog of course! I think A is a little sick of all the pictures! Oh well!

We went to the library in the am. I made everyone clean up the house before we left, just on the off chance someone would want to walk through, but no one did :-( Oh well, we did have a blast at the library!

A and my sister won passes to the little children's museum by us and to the county fair this summer! They were very proud of themselves. They had to do an I-Spy game and a horse matching game. We ended up staying for 2 hours! I'm thinking maybe the library should make us up a spare room or something LOL!

Little Miss M, sneaking books into our bag to take home! By the time she was done, I think she had shoved about 30 books in that bag. Sadly, mommy figured it out and made her put all but a few back! LOL!

After coming home and taking some nice naps, I took the kids out again to the little zoo by us! I kept it a surprise until we got there and they were all happy! Of course we showed up at 4:15 (I thinking it closed at 6) to find out we only had 45 minutes until closing time. But they all had fun the entire time we were there. So, even if it was just a short trip, it was still a fun trip! =)

M watching the pigs. As A said "Ewww! They smell!" LOL! But they were excited. Last time we were at the zoo, the pigs weren't here, so it was nice to see them, even if it wasn't nice to smell them!

A checking out something! I'm a bad mom and can't remember what it was!

All 3 girl's in an owl's nest. M was okay in there, but she wouldn't sit on the edge with the big girls. But that's okay! I was proud of her for walking on the woodchips ... seemingly such a small thing, but really a BIG leap for my M!

The girl's admiring the ducks. These are by far M's favorite animals at the zoo. If it were up to her, she would stay there for hours just watching them. But this was the last animal we saw on our way out.

Uh-oh? Where's the cup? (Okay, so M said: where bup?!)

I don't know ... where can it be?

M says: "Fund ew" (found you!)

Dinner at Grandma and Papa's house. A's favorite: Pizza!

M is climbing onto Papa's John Deer Tractor! She got up there all by herself, but the minute she got up there, she cried for help to get down! Oh well, at least she tried to climb up there! Yeah M! =)

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