Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Day at the Farm

Today we went to a farm and had a lot of fun just playing!!! =)

Kids on the train with their aunt!

A coming down the big slide!!! (M road it as well, but I had ot take her on it so I don't have any pictures!)

M watching A on the ponies! =)

And there she is! =)

I just think she looks so cute here!! =)

feeding the animals!

Trying to feed the animals ... of course every time the animals came near ... M dropped all the food on the ground!

Going in the spook shed!!! This takes lots of courage!! LOL!!! ;-)

We bought M's costume today!! I LOVE how cute she looks in it!!! My little tiger!! =)

What an endearing picture of father and child ... so sweet ROFL!!! ;-)

Yet another endearing picture of father and child! It just brings tears to my eyes looking at it ROFL!!! ;-)

Petting papa’s new doggy =)

Going in the dizzy Zone ... she was nervous to go in at first, but once she did go in, she loved it! =)

All worn out from playing the day away ....

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Friday, September 10, 2004

M's birthday!

M's bday stuff

Today is my little girl’s birthday!! We had a great day overall. And I can’t get over the fact that she is 2 now!! Oh, they do grow so quickly. This morning we went to the mall to make some returns. She hung out in her stroller, which she loves to do! Then it was time to go to Jewel to pick out dessert for tonight. She picked a nice round cake

and we had the store write Happy Birthday on it. She cried at first because she wanted her cake back when they took it LOL!! Then it was home to play, eat hot dogs (treat of Aunt Laura) and nap. Then we played some more, ate dinner and then time to eat cake!!!
I have to add, A was being so sweet to M today!

Also, a funny moment. A came into my room this am and told me she looked at M sleeping and she still looked like she was one! I guess she was expecting her little sister to look different today, but it was sweet. All day she was saying “How is my little 2 year old?” “Oh, I can’t believe she's two mom. She’s growing so fast.” It was just sweet and I felt so blessed to have the two sweetest girls in the entire world as mine!!!
Here are pictures ….

A kiss from daddy!!

This is the brand new Happy Birthday plate we bought this week, We decided to start a new tradition and it will be the plate for the birthday person from now on! M was excited to use it tonight!

Look at this yummy cake!!

She couldn’t wait and dug right in … big sister tried to step in to stop her though LOL!

All I could do was laugh. It was pretty cute and after all, it’s her birthday!

Daddy’s lighting the candles! Grannie was helping us celebrate too.

Look at the face … she is excited to get the cake back (she did cry when daddy took it to light the candles!)

Trying to blow them out ….

Yeah! She did it!

Yum! Yum!

Opening her first gift. A picked this out for M herself … she could NOT wait to give it to her tonight ;-)

It’s a Jo-Jo doll!!!! M was in heaven! She is sleeping with Jo-Jo as I type.

The next gift was a back pack full of supplies for baby dolls! This was also a BIG hit!

And here she is trying the diapers out on Jo-Jo! I just thought it was too cute =)

Opening the next gift (from graham and pop) It was fun to watch her open this one!! It was a beautiful fleece blanket. She is also sleeping with this tonight too!! She was so excited to get a blanket. She made daddy cut the tags off right away so she could cuddle with it.

The pink shoes on the table are also from graham and pop. They are adorable – mary jane style with a butterfly on them as well. And I didn’t get a shot, but big sister opened an “early birthday present” from graham and pop and it was the matching shoes!! A is in LOVE with them!

Jo-Jo jammies from mom and dad.

The paper came off bit by bit ….

to reveal a pretty new dress from graham and pop! Mommy loves it and can’t wait to dress her in it!! It’s so sweet!!

After it was all said and done, she wanted to go back to her backpack of baby things!!

Yesterday, she received a card in the mail from her great aunt... it had Winnie the Pooh on the front and 2 dollars inside!! She was THRILLED with it!! She showed everyone the card (and was not happy when mom took the money for the piggy bank!) Some friends also sent greetings today which made mommy feel all warm and fuzzy ;-)

Overall it was a great day … a bit bittersweet for this mom. But just so many good things today. I just love birthdays! And I love my baby! And I love watching my girls interact! And I love all the fun and love my family shares. We are truly, truly blessed and I thank God above for what I have!!