Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thursday June 10

Today we had quite the day. First I have to start out by saying Happy Anniversary to my husband! It's been 5 years today ... hard to believe it. I told him tonight we need another 75 because I want a 75th anniversary party someday!!
Aside from that, I took A, M, and my 2 sisters downtown Chicago today and went to the Field Museum. By pure coincidence, the last time any of us had been there was on June 10, 2000. Dh and I took A and my 2 sisters down there on our one year anniversary becuase Sue was new then!
I actually went down today to meet an on-line friend! She has a child born in September 02 and we met on a Children born Septmeber '02 board! We decided to meet at the museum and to go during their free week (which is this week) and I decided it would be fun!
Call me crazy! It's not easy navigating trains and buses with a 21 month old, stroller, 4 year old, 1 preteen, 1 teen, 1 overly-packed diaper bag, and 2 backpacks. But we survived without losing anyone or anything! I'm not sure when I will be up to trying it again, but who knows. It was a fun day. I only took 100 pictures though (big surprise there huh?! LOL!) but I decided to not post all 100 for you! Enjoy what there is though! LOL

On the train heading into the city! =)

We made it! Finally at the Field Museum (after some bus trouble, we were glad to be there!)

M exploring.

Playing with a display on fish!

A playing with dinosaur bones. She really got a kick out of the dinosaurs. Although, the other day when we talked about going there she asked me if the dinosaurs would try to bit her. It was cute! And I reassured her she was safe!

M and My sister looking over the railing down to Sue the dinosaur below!

Along the lakefront! It was so nice being down there today! =)

I took some pics of M at the park and came home and made them black and white just to see. I like them!

I just think this looks so sweet ;-)

Another one ...

After playing in the park, I let them run up the big hill. They had a blast. I kept hearing "Can we go one more time? Just one more time?" To think, I could have just let them run up and down a hill all day and they would have been very happy ROFL!

A the first one down, gets to the sidewalk and yells out "I win!" LOL!

Coming down!

The train ride home. Everyone was tired and needed some time to unwind from the day.

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