Friday, June 25, 2004

Getting a new fish tank!

A and dh getting the fish tank dad brought home (courtesy of Ricky) tonight. A can NOT wait to move the fish to their new home. Tonight we just got things ready, but didn't actually move them!

M relaxing tonight.

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A dressed herself one day this week! ROFL!! I love it! Striped shirt with polk-a-dot skirt!! =)
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Here is M ... she is reading her Calliou book and rocking her baby at the same time! It was so sweet to watch!! =)
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First day of camp ...

A's first day of camp ... dropping her off - she was so excited when she got there (monday am) but Sunday night she told us she was too nervous to go .... but she made it and started having fun right away!

... and still having fun when I picked her up (she's in the purple pants and white top!)

After camp, A showing us what she made!

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day:

Happy Father's Day!! =)

Daddy's first gift: a picture of both girls together. We left it at the top of the stairs for him to see when he got home

Opening A's gifts.

Hugging A as a thank you!

Daddy enjoying M's gift.

Giving daddy his book.

Looking at the book they gave him!

Sorry ... it's a picture of a picture! Not the best .. but it's what I have! Both girls gave dh a frame like this ... A's were done professionally (have no digital copy hence the picture of the pictures) but M's were taken by me, which is why her pics look better here. In person, I think you'll find A's look the best, but it doesnt' translate very well here!

A's first picture (try to ignore my reflection in the glass! ROFL!!)

A's second picture

M's first picture

M's second picture
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Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Wedding

Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day! The wedding went off without a hitch. A was the BEST flowergirl there ever was! ROFL!! =) No really, everything was wonderful and beautiful and perfect and so much fun!

A getting her hair done!

last minute touches for mom

Last minute touches for A

Mom, I'm nervous and excited!!

We're ready to go!

There's me!

Here comes A!

Look at that hair!!! =)

This is me CRYING! A had just walked down and the bride was starting and I couldn't keep it in anymore!

Just hanging out and waiting for pictures!

Smelling my flower's after the ceremony was all done

A with bride and groom! This picture brings tears to my eyes.

Getting a kiss from her aunt at the reception!

Towards the end of the night ... we layed down trying to get her to go to sleep. She didn't want to at first, but finally she climbed in a stroller and fell asleep. She needed it! It was a long day - but a fun one and one we won't forget!

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A and I at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. =)

Bride and Groom to be gave A a wedding Barbie (which she was thrilled over!!), a precious moments "flower girl" and a cute purse with jewelry to wear at the wedding

Saying thanks to the bride to be for all the cool gifts LOL!

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Playing at Home!

The girls tonight playing with sand toys .... in the living room and having fun anyway!!! LOL!

M is eying the boat. The boat is very popular for both girls! ROFL

M is I think tryin to climb on A . I was trying to get a shot of her fixing A's shirt. Moments before the camera clicked, she was pulling A's shirt up to cover her back and getting very upset that it wouldn't stay! I hope she keeps her modesty until she is, oh , say 44 - that would be a good age to marry at ROFL!!

They were climing all over each other, laughing and giggling and just having fun! LOL!

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Visiting Relatives

Swinging at granny and grandpa's house yesterday! They liked this swing a lot!

M playing with the car! She claimed this as her very own and had some trouble sharing it. The "mine" reflex is coming in very strongly right now. Hopefully it leaves just as quickly as it came!

M loving Grannie! She just doted over grannie yesterday. It was quite sweet to see her warm up to someone else like that!!

A riding her bicycle! They have a nice long driveway that offers much more room than our driveway does! So yesterday I put the bies in my trunk so she could enjoy all the space there!

A playing on rocks (this is at the edge of the driveway at grannie and grandpa's house)

The girls in the water yesterday! The neighbor across the street was very kind and let us borrow t-shirts since we didn't bring swim suits with us!

The girls sharing a flavor-ice yesterday! They both loved them! =)

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At the mall ...

Monday driving to the mall ... M took a nap!

A as she is saying "Take my picture mom!"

M stealing her aunt's smoothie!

A as she is saying "Take my picture mom!"
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