Friday, July 02, 2004


Today we went to the pool after camp. It wore us out so it was back home for a quick nap before Kid Rock (a music and movement class the girls take). After Kid Rock we came home and caught some lightening bugs! The kids had a blast and I assure you it brought back some memories of when I was little. We didn’t stay out long though … lots of mosquitoes out there.  But it was really a great time!!

The girls running after a few lightening bugs

Inspecting the ones we caught!

We took off the lid and one of them was still hanging around … A was telling it that it could fly away! LOL!

It finally left and A is waving good-bye!l

misc. pic of A at camp!

Tuesday ....

A went to camp as normal. While she was there, M and I played in the little park area around there and had some fun! Then we went to grandma and grandpa’s house where we had lots of fun!!!

M throwing mom the ball!

Kick it! Kick it!!

The girls driving on their gator!!

The girls playing Aunt Mary’s keyboard

Aunt Mary has the *coolest toys ever! LOL!

Yet another of Aunt Mary’s really fun toys!

Sunday, June 28, 2004

We had a family reunion to go to today … I’m in the blue shirt LOL!!

Here is my family with my grandparents (the reunion was for my grandpa’s dad’s family). Anyway, what struck me as funny is that it was the “Brown Family Reunion” and we all looked like Smurfs ROFL!! Oh well .. I guess it’s better than all wearing brown shirts … heheeh!!

We all enjoyed ourselves … A was running around with the other kids, but we did get this shot of her and M

Daddy with his girls

Eric was a great daddy and entertained M lots!