Saturday, June 12, 2004

Friday June 11

Just another day ….

Here is A trying to get Toby (the dog) to lick her! We stopped at my aunt’s house this morning to pick up some more scrapbooking supplies! We also stopped and picked up her shoes for the wedding - it's next weekend! I can't wait. A will be so beautiful! Expect lots of pictures LOL!

M spent some time coloring today. She also spent a few moments eating sunscreen :-( However, I didn't get a picture of that one. I asked her if it tasted bad and she told me "No."

We ran to the library after naptime. Of course most people go to the library to read. Nope - not us. We go for the puzzles LOL!

M brought the teddy bear with her today. I don't think she has ever played with it before. However, she couldn't bear (hehe) to part with it when it was time to leave. So, I let her bring it and she faithfully carried him all through out the library!

Daddy come home late tonight. However, he was just in time to fix a dessert for the girls! He did a great job and picked out popcorn! Everyone loves that yummy treat! Yeah for daddy! He's our hero! =)

I LOVE popcorn!

Me too!

Aren't I too cute?!

Next, daddy and the girls made some fresh, hand squeezed lemonade!! =)

M was so serious trying to do this! It was funny. She stood there and squeezed her little hands and was very intent. Every so often you would here her grunt out "squeeze" as if it would help her do a better job!! Well, at least she was serious until ....

Is daddy looking?

This is fun

Squeezing the lemons!

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Mel said...

Great pictures, Brandie--all of them! :)