Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Pictures ...

taken by my 5 year old! LOL! She did enjoy taking them, that's for sure! =)

"Take my picture!"

The baby doll!

A dinosaur she drew today

another one ...

And another one ... yes this kept her quite busy today!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A lazy Sunday around here ..

Daddy playing Guess Who? with A

She's so funny ... she'll ask if daddy's person has a beard and then she'll say "Now, what's a beard?" ROFL!! She's learning it all ... she keeps confusing beard and mustache though .. all in good time I'm sure ;-)

While they were playing, M was taking her baby to a party ... notice her ensamble: a coat over a shirt with a diaper and well, nothing else! LOL! Oh, she did have my bag on her shoulder and you can see the babies comfortably riding in the shopping cart ROFL!

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Sledding Yesterday ...

Fridya night we got roughly 9" inches dumped on us, so we decided to go sledding yesterday before lunch. We managed to stay out an entire 15 minutes ... the wind was whipping though and the snow had started to come down again. Even though it was only a brief time, we still all had a lot of fun!

trudging to the hill

Daddy carrying M

getting ready to go!

M and daddy at top ...

going ...

going ...

almost done!

daddy waving hi! Yeah! M did it!

Standing up ...

Sitting down! LOL!

M was crawling backwards in the snow ....

and she would say "I sledding mom! I sledding" LOL!

The arrow is pointing at daddy getting A ready to go ...

And here she goes ....

Whoops! She wiped out!

So, she decided to try to go down backwards!

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Kids Museum

On Wednesday, January 12, we trekked over to the kids museum! Graham and pop gave us a family pass for Christmas so we decided it was time to use it. We had so much FUN there! What a great gift ... I know we will use it often over the next year!!

Here is A playing a large version of the game Operation!

And M wanted to play too!

Yes, this is my daughter climbing across some zits, scabs and other things you would find on skin!

They even had cars to play with! M was in heaven ... during this time, A was driving the train. They actually had a train car in there from the local commuter train and she got to be in the front and drive it!

A taking good care of the baby!

M in the giant high chair!!

The blocks were M's favorite thing in the museum

A craft area where A made a "snowflake"

This was sort of neat ... there were 4 pictures you could pick from and a camera layed our picture over their picture, so we could see ourselves on the TV! It's hard to see, by A is laying on the gurney behind M!

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Wednesday, January 5

Yes, that is when these pictures are from! The kids enjoying a good snowfall when daddy came home from work and decided to take them out and play!

Playing in the snow!

Daddy holding M!

Daddy pushing A on her sled!

Daddy pulling the sled!

A playing in the snow!

I LOVE my daddy!!!

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hair Cuts ..

Today my baby girl had her very first hair cut. She is 2 years old and about 3.5 months old! It was so hard to make that first snip though. And of course, big sister wanted in on the action too .. so here are the before and after pictures!

Miss M before ...

M from the back (before)

M after .... we cut her hair in the sink. She didn't want any water to play with though. So she just sat in there in her diaper while I cut! LOL!

All dry .... I admit it does look pretty darn cute with this length!

A before ...

back of A before

A after ... she asked for quite a bit off. I was so sad to cut all that hair off ... but it looks cute. It isn't perfectly even. This child is capable of not wiggling for all of, oh, 2 seconds. But really, you can't tell when she's running around playing!

From the back ...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Right at midnight ... we were watching the countdown on TV!)

Yeah! It's the New Year!

Happy New Year my tired child! =)

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