Sunday, June 13, 2004

At the Fair

The next pictures are from Saturday. It was a good day for all of us yesterday! We had lots of fun and really enjoyed ourselves =)

M in her stroller. Yesterday Daddy took M and A to the carnival while mommy was at a babyshower! They had a lot of fun. Later that night, we all went back together and had some fun. We were originally going to go to a traveling circus, but when we got there it was quite expensive and frankly didn't look all that exciting! So we decided to go back to the carnival instead!! LOL

Riding in the cars

A played darts and won this teddy bear! Later we all went back together, and she won a spiderman doll too! She now is sleeping with both of them!

A on the merry go round =)

M and mommy going down the slide! WEEE!!!

A going through some inflatable obstacle course!

The girls jumping in the moonwalk! It took a long time to get this picture ... it seemed every time I went to take a picture one of them would fall down LOL!

Yeah! M going down a slide! This is a BIG deal for M. She is growing and learning so many things every day - it's amazing! She is starting to overcome a lot of her fears too! I'm so proud!

Daddy and girls petting the animals! They all enjoyed, but after walking for a few minutes and nearly getting run over by a bigger animal, M was ready to be carried LOL!

M and daddy feeding some animals. M was okay as long as daddy was holding her, but she did NOT want to be set down!

A feeding some goats.

Dh and M dancing! I don't know why, but seeing this yesterday just made my heart melt.

A had so much fun dancing! We really enjoyed ourselves out last night! Kudos to daddy for coming up with the idea! =)

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