Sunday, August 21, 2005

At the fair

Daddy took us to the fair yesterday upon returning home from a 9 day trip! We were so excited to see him and had fun at the fair! =)

Woo-hoo! This roller coaster is so fun!

On the slide

M going down the slide with daddy!

Hello =)

Daddy taking A into the Fun House!

I’m so cute!

Daddy wanted to try to spin around in the tunnel thing, he made it about 25% around and then, this! LOL!

A by her "school" things

A tired girl sleeping on the recliner!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday ...

Yesterday we had a fun day. We walked to Hobby Lobby and hit a park on the way home. The kids had a blast there .. it's close to our house, but we rarely go there, so it was a nice treat!
Then later in the afternoon we went to the pool to play! =)

Trying the monkey bars out

This is fun mom!

Rock climbing!

Walking on the balance beam

I can do it too ... just closer to the ground!

Playing at the pool!

My big girl "swimming." Of course, I was nervous watching, but she manages to do it!

This is fun!

After swimming, we went out to eat =)

Apparently, swimming makes her very hungry!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

School time!

This is some of our school work from today. (And yes, my oldest is in her pajamas! It was rainy, cold, and cloudy today … a great day to stay in jammies as long as possible! LOL!)

Aunt MA helping out with school time today. Even M wanted to be a part of it all!

We hung up planets and created a solar sytem today! A had a blast doing it =)

Mom, here's Earth where we live!

M standig by her wall of "work." She wants to do things while big sister works! I think it's so cute!

A Day of Fun!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to a local amusement park. We had a blast … although I was sore today and we were all a bit crabby! But well worth it all =)

The hat mom had to buy me today because she left mine at home!

Lunchtime! We brought in Subway to eat. Yum! Yum!

Feeding a goat ... it was a bit nerve-racking. I didn't like it at all. After they licked me I cried and wanted out!

Safer in an area where the animals are caged .. both girls did not like being around the free roaming animals!

They sure are hungry animals!

M referred to these cars as the click-click cars! And she wanted to ride with Aunt MA and not mom. I was a bit bummed, but got over it fast!

More pictures on the cars ...

On the gliders ...

M riding with her cousin on the helicopters. The first time she went on, she was't sure, but she didn't cry, and then after that she laughed and had fun!

She also braved the bumble bee ride this time too!

A few of the kids on the swings

My kiddos on the ferris wheel. Of course this ride made me feel not too hot and I tried to ask to be let off, but the guy must not have heard me any of the times I asked!

More ferris wheel pictures ...

On the fire truck ... we had a fire to put out!

M's face just makes me laugh!

Everyone getting ready ... they all looked so serious!

Spray away ...

Ha ha ... finally got his face (he was dodging the camera all day)

He was having a blast putting out the fire ... of course, he also sprayed just a bit more than the house on fire ;-)

A was determined she was going to put that fire out!

Here is my little M spraying ... when the fire was all out, she was as proud as a peacock knowing she helped! It was so cute!

My A went on the dragon coaster! Her first time ever going on it ... and of course, she loved it and went on it multiple times! LOL!

I like it mom! I really like it!

Waiting for big sis to ride the dragon coaster ... and also getting very tired ...


Driving the truck and so excited to be on it!

Some of our gang on the frog hopper ride

Getting ready to fly in the balloon ... she didn't last too long though ... it was stopped early so she could get off/

The other kids had a blast on it though!