Friday, April 28, 2006

Awana Awards Night

At Awana Awards night ...

There's my Sparky!

Her first book award ribbon. Not only did she do the book, but she did the review AND she did the extra workbook. She finished it all up about a month ago! Way to go babe!
I also want to add ... she did not just learn the verses to repeat that night - many she can still recite today! She worked very hard to learn her verses and have a great time at Awana this year =)

Playing ...

On my new bike

Woo-hoo ... this is fun

Hanging out!


Happy boy

Here I go ...

Plop! Made it over!!

Play time ....

Babyboy is learning to use his hands and learning to reach and grab and explore things ...

Oh! Toys!

Yes I want them ...

Got it mom

Hmm ... maybe if I just wish hard enough they'll come!

Okay, help me reach the keys!

A trip to Chuck E. Cheese

We were invited for a birthday party, so we packed up and went (despite my oldest having a fear of the "live" Chuck E. Cheese. We survived ... she didn't even cry when he came out, and has now decided it's a fun place to go and wants to go back again! LOL!

look at all my tickets!

Despite all that noise there, someone fell asleep!

from the ground looking up! How that is comfortable enough to fall asleep is beyond me! But he was happy!

Easter Day

Happy Easter!

hunting for eggs

Found one!!

Pics from dinner at grandma's house!

Happy daddy!


Mom and daughter eating our goodies together!! M thought it was SO neat she could eat her bowl LOL

The hat that stayed on for all of 2 seconds ;-)

Poor babyboy - was not happy when daddy plopped him on a surprised mom and stopped walking!

American Girl Place

In honor of my sisters 13th birthday, we went to the American Girl place on Good Friday. We had a blast, enjoyed the trip, spent too much money, and did I mention having a good time?

Started with a limo ride

With Bitty Bear and Bitty Cat

Yep, even the boy had to go ... of course he got a ton of attention and he was referred to as the real bitty baby LOL

The girls and I

Lunch with Kit

Eating with Bitty Baby

M was very attentive to her dolls needs!

Yes, between all of us, we brought home this many bags (plus 3 behind my dd and don;t be fooled, there are about 3 or 4 bags in the stroller). Some family walked by and the dad just stared, then said Wow. I laughed and told him now he couldnt complain when his wife only had a couple bags at the end of the day! LOL

Back at home in my new shirtm with my new wagon, and my new Felicity doll!

Park Pictures ...

Finally, some nice weather hit our area! So we took advantage of it!

hanging on the monkey bar

park 3

Love this ... coloring at the park ;-)

Hi mom!

And what was babyboy doing during all of this fun? Sleeping away

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Find the baby!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy 4 months!

I am 4 months old today!
I weigh over 18 pounds. I am about 26/26 inches long.
I laugh. I giggle. I sometimes cry.
I wear 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
I do not sleep through the night, but I am not staying awake until 1 am anymore, which mom and dad are happy about!
I love to watch my sisters.
I have recently discovered the outdoors (which mom and dad were sheltering me from during the winter months). I LOVE to be outside and see all the things going on out there.
If you give me a blanket at night, I will pull it over my face and cry because I can't figure out how to uncover it - even if I'm asleep!
I am desperately trying to sit up on my own. However, I do not roll over yet.
I still love to be in my swing.
Mommy is still nursing me and I do not get anything else but milk.
Daddy felt a bump last night on my gum and is pretty sure I am teething.
I am generally a VERY happy baby.
I get a breathing treatment every day to help me feel good.
I am loving life and loving my family. And my family is loving me.

Happy 4 months!

Easter eggs!

our pretty eggs!