Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Still no pictures ....

Sorry folks. Still no pictures :-(
The camera is offically not working properly. The problem is with the USB cord. The camera is taking pictures, but it's not going to get any pictures to the computer. I'm hoping tomorrow to get a memory card reader (on the advice of a friend - thanks!)
However, we did have a great day!! We went over to Granny and Grandpa's house and played, played, played. Lots of relatives came and went and we had a blast! We ate lunch there and dinner there!! We played in the sprinkler, rode bicycles, played with some chalk, had a few meltdowns as well!!!! Overall it was a great day! Both girls cried when it was time to leave! A cried for about 20 minutes on her way home becuase she wanted to move into Granny's house today! It was cute. And we had a great day. I did take lots of pictures but of course I can't share :-(
Hopefully tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I got a new computer. The USB cord wouldnt work with the new computer. I got a memory card reader. The camera broke. My luck! LOL Hope you get the pictures going again soon! ~Mary