Saturday, June 05, 2004

Saturday June 5

Today we had a fun day!
After straightening up the house, we headed over to the mall. We needed to get to a ticket master, because much to A's delight, we bought tickets for The Wiggles ( in case you don't know who they are!). She is so thrilled to get the tickets and I admit I'm excited to be taking her to her first concert. Although, it's not till August, so we have some waiting to do!
Then A got to shop! She got a bathing suit, just in time as they are predicting warm weather next week. Pool, here we come! And she got some very pretty clothes!
After all the shopping, we played at the play area in the mall =)

A running around the play area! She LOVES coming to play here. We came several times this winter when we were feeling housebound!

M exploring everything. =)

We splurged and went on the merry-go-round at the mall today! A, as you can see, thoroughly enjoyed. M pretty much screamed the entire time :-( Her and I were sitting on a bench and I thought she would do okay sitting with me, but she didn't. So no more merry-go-rounds for her for a while.

Daddy talking on the phone to Graham! :::waving::: Hi Graham if you're reading! Her and pop had birthdays last week, but weren't home to answer the phone so Dh and the girls chatted with them tonight! Then Dh, the nice daddy, took the kids on a walk to the playground. They had a lot of fun there tonight!
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Anonymous said...

Brandie, just wanted to let you know I read this journal almost daily and I'm really enjoying hearing about what you and the girls are up to. You are such a great mom! ~Msry