Sunday, August 27, 2006

Overheard around here recently:

At the store the other day someone asked my 3 year old if she was getting ready to go to school.
She told him "No. I'm not old enough."
He said "Really? I thought you looked old enough to go to college!"
She looked at him very seriously and said "I can't go to college. I don't know Spanish yet."

The other day my 6 year old asked me if she was going to find someone to kiss someday.
I tried not to scream, and told her that, she may indeed find someone to kiss one day. If she found someone she loved, they might want to kiss.
She said okay and seemed satisfied.
Then I threw in there "But you don't need to be kissing people until you are older."
She said "Right mom. When I'm older .... like, you know, when I'm ... 8."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fun today

Today a friend came over and saved us from going crazy and hiding at home all day. We walked to the park and hung out and had fun =)

Babyboy has decided he likes the swings =)

Getting very serious here

Now he was starting to get sleepy. He *almost fell asleep in the swing! Only when you are 8 months old can that be comfortable!

Now, A, on playing around ...

I know it's blurry, but I see the concentration on her face here - she is trying so hard to get this making the swing go and go high thing down!

Here's my little M, also on the swing, but not sitting on it! LOL!

Hello mom!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

We are ...

in so much trouble ... 8 months old and my baby climbed up something today to get his sister's toys. To prove it I actually took pictures! I couldn't believe he did it! LOL!

Okay ... now I'm up here ... help me down!

And what was sister thinking about all of this? Well, when he finally reached her toys she was upset, but once I took him down and moved the box he was climbing on, she was all


Friday, August 11, 2006

Today I am ...

8 months old!

I am 8 months old now!
I can crawl around pretty quickly!
I can pull myself up and cruise along furniture!
I am slowly learning to like food and slowly learning to sleep at night.
My favorite snack food is whole grain goldfish.
My favorite thing to play with is my granny's walker. Sometimes I stand up and walk around with it too, but then I move it where she can't reach it and mom has to come get it from me.
I don't exactly like to have my diaper changed and usually wiggle and squirm and make it very hard for mom and dad to change me.
I love cords. All kinds of cords. They are fun to chew on, but all the grown-ups take them away from me :-(
I LOVE being with my big sisters. I love to get into their toys, usually when they don't want me too.
I like to be tickled and held and cuddled.
I'm a momma's boy these days. She leaves the room and I am not happy about it.
I like to go in the swings at the park and have mommy push me.
I have already fallen off of mom and dad's bed and my stroller ... I'm pretty brave and adventurous. Mom and dad are not always fast enough to save me from myself. But they are getting better and learning where it's safe to put me and where I will find the most trouble. Mom is sure by the time I hit two I will have plenty of bruises from all my exploring!
I am a happy baby. I pretty much only cry when I need to eat or if I'm feeling lonely and need to be held. I can now recognize the sign for milk, although I haven't attempted to do it myself. When I see mom make it though I crawl right over to her, and assume eating position!
I have a lot of fun during the day and love all the visitors that come in and out of our house.
My family loves me and feel so blessed that I came to be a part of their lives!