Thursday, June 03, 2004

Thursday June 3

A riding her bike! She would ride it all day if I let her. She just loves her bicycle! Thanks Ricki and family for passing it our way!

M cuddling with daddy! She is so excited when he gets home =)

I entertained all 3 kids with beans again. Seriously, I never knew beans could be such an excited toy for kids!! It's wonderful!

Who needs a hat? A bowl works quite nicely too!! LOL!

M's driving already! =)

There's daddy (standing next to the new trailer I might add!! He was outside working today, so the kids went outside by him to play!

All the kids having fun. My sis is drawing a treasure map for A. M is trying to steal the chalk from my sister, and A is just oblivious to it all LOL!

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