Monday, August 02, 2004

Wednesday July 28

Wednesday we hung out at Graham and Pop’s house. Then after lunch, it was time to say good-bye to their house. We all headed over to Maine (Ogunquit) to see the Ocean! The girls first time to the ocean as well!! =)

S smelling the pretty flowers in front of Pop and Graham’s house.

M is getting ready to go to Maine … she’s buckling her baby in the car!!

A playing paddle ball - a game invented by her!!

Graham, Pop, M, and A…. Right before leaving New Hampshire to head over to Maine.

We made it to Maine … M's first look at a beach!!!

A's first glimpse of the beach … she wasn’t content to just look though! She was ready to hit the water!

The gang … Eric, M, Graham, A and Pop on the beach! The hotel is in the background.

The girls riding the trolley! They both really enjoyed it =)

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