Monday, August 02, 2004

Saturday July 31

Our last day of vacation :-( Very sad.

Looking down from the balconies of our rooms! We could see the ocean from the balcony and we all spent time sitting outside listening to the ocean.

We decided to take one last walk along the beach. A, of course, decided to run into the ocean a few last times. M was pretty content to just hang out in our arms for that last walk!

Saying good byes …

A did NOT want to go home. She told us we needed to stay there, that we could live in a hotel forever because it was so fun! She also loved spending time with graham and pop and was sad to leave them as well.

A is really bawling here  She was so sad. M is a bit confused as to why A is crying though! LOL!

A showing us a shell she found on the beach. Her shells are what made her stop crying, poor thing!

On the way to the airport – M had her baby doll on her shoulders! And apparently her shoes make nice gloves ROFL!!

On the plane getting ready to take off.

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