Monday, August 02, 2004

Thursday July 29

Thursday was a fun day! Playing on the beach, in the sand, the water, the girls got to fly a kite!
After all the beach fun, dh and I were able to go out to eat by ourselves. Afterwards, we went to see the musical CATS at the local theater! It was a great day overall =)

Daddy helping the girls in the sand.

Pop coming to help as well!!

They had a nice wall going until Godzilla, I mean M decided to walk on it LOL!!!

Flying the kite!! It’s hard to see, but the kite is up in the air!! =)

Graham helping A get the kite up!

Daddy and M watching the kite. Later M took a turn flying it, but I walked away and missed it all, and hence no pictures of it.

All that work makes for one tired baby … Here’s M napping in the afternoon. All babies look angelic when their sleeping I think!

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