Monday, August 02, 2004

Friday July 30

Most of Friday was spent hanging out at the ocean and playing around!

M and mom, before mom went into the ocean with dad and A. LOL!! After I came out and was all wet, M would not let me hold her!!

Sand play

Digging in all the wet sand!

Graham was helping A “jump” over the waves …

Eric and M joined the fun too!!!

Running away!!

Taking a break from playing ….

Wrapping up in a towel .. that ocean water is chilly!!!

Graham and Pop bought A a big bubble maker. Here she is trying to get some good bubbles!! =)

A at dinner. Maybe it was the sun, I’m not sure, but she looked so radiantly beautiful that night!!She was glowing and just so cute!!

Notice Cat in the Hat in her arms. Cat and the Hat was a present from graham and pop. This cat was quite mischievous though … he kept disappearing and reappearing through out the trip. He disappeared on the plane on the way home, but amazingly, he was sitting right on A's bed when she got home. She is trying very hard to figure out how the cat does it LOL!!

Friday night, the girls, Eric and I took the trolley over to Perkins Cove. We saw the little cove with lots of boats and quite a few cute stores!

Daddy and his girls sitting along side the boat launch.

A and mom sitting on the rocks bordering the water.

M didn’t want to be left out so she came and sat with us too!

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