Monday, August 02, 2004

Tuesday July 27

Tuesday we lounged around for awhile. Then we decided to head out and do some bowling! We all had fun =)

Hey! Hey! The gang’s all here …. All ready to do some bowling!!!

There is nothing cuter than watching an almost 2 year old bowl … okay, so watching A was just as cute too!! LOL!

Picking out the perfect ball.

Watching it go down the lane!

And when standing becomes too much, you can always relax a bit and watch it! LOL!

A bowling with some pointers from pop!

She sure had fun throwing her balls down the lane!!

After bowling, A went with Graham and Pop to pick out lobsters for dinner. Daddy requested them as a special dinner for him! Luckily for mom, they also picked up some hamburger meat =)

M checking out the lobsters. She wasn’t sure what to make of them though!

Daddy, A , and Pop with the lobsters! A was also unsure of the lobsters too!! Daddy and Pop would like to teach her to like them though!!

Looking at them a little bit closer

Despite daddy’s best efforts, M wouldn’t eat the lobster. However, she did enjoy the corn quite a bit LOL!!

A and Graham playing a game of Care Bear Uno before bedtime!!

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