Friday, October 15, 2010

Fire Station!

Last weekend we went to a fire station open house. Sadly, only the two youngest and mom went because dad and Miss A had to work.

Anyway, I heard about the open house and thought it was going to be small, quick, fun. Oh no. It was big - lots of people, booths, give-aways, SWAG, even free lunch for all of us. They even had little fire outfits for the kids to put on and try out some of the fireman's duties.



They even got to help spray a real hose - so fun!



This is my favorite picture of the bunch:

They also took a car apart to demonstrate how they do that - even I was mesmerized watching! It was kind of neat (of course I do hope that I never have to see it outside of a demonstration again!)



We also spent time exploring inside and outside a couple firetrucks and an ambulance. One of the more fun things we did was take all sorts of pictures of the everything and then we came home and created a collage of the pictures. I can't wait for it to arrive so we can hang it up! =)



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