Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Local Nature Center

Today we spent quite some time over at a local nature center. We've been to a few near our house, but this was a first at this one. We had such a great time there, walking on the paths - and there were so many to take. We walked around for about 3 hours! We saw lots of birds and butterflies, heard many rustlings in the grasses around us, and were lucky enough to spot on rabbit!

There was also a small farm in the area that we spent a little bit of time at. Most of it was closed up while we were there though, so that was a bummer!





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Sandy said...

Nice butterfly picture, and the kids look they're having a grand time. Wish more people would take their children to places like this instead of playing at those aweful play areas in the shopping malls.

It's been ages and ages since we've visited. I'm having fun going through my old post to reconnect with people I've lost track of, hope you'll swing by to give us a chance to do just that.