Friday, February 03, 2006

Misc. pictures

My little guy

i love this hat on him ... he however, is not found of hats!

My 3 year old in an outfit from graham and pop that she LOVES!

M feeding babyboy

A feeding babyboy

playing candyland with daddy

I think this face is hilarious!

Hmmm .... let me think ...

A little smile!

Hmmm ... what are these things?

Hanging out with brother

I'm looking through the window to take this picture! LOL

Take my picture too!

Blurry, but my oldest in her play (shes on the left)

Okay ... my daughter is sleeping behind these chairs ... she went back there while I was feeding babyboy. I finished and went to look for her .. I was yelling and looking all over. I probably walked by her three times! Just as I was ready to have a heart attack for losing a child, I saw her LOL

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Jedi4sweet (Leslie) said...

Brandie- your kids are SOOO darn cute!!! Love your pics!!!!