Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday ...

Yesterday we had a fun day. We walked to Hobby Lobby and hit a park on the way home. The kids had a blast there .. it's close to our house, but we rarely go there, so it was a nice treat!
Then later in the afternoon we went to the pool to play! =)

Trying the monkey bars out

This is fun mom!

Rock climbing!

Walking on the balance beam

I can do it too ... just closer to the ground!

Playing at the pool!

My big girl "swimming." Of course, I was nervous watching, but she manages to do it!

This is fun!

After swimming, we went out to eat =)

Apparently, swimming makes her very hungry!

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Christine Cleary (formerly Engel) said...

Brandie and Eric...I love the pictures and I had to catch up a bit from the summer and fall. Carter is beautiful. Hope you all are doing very well esp through the holidays! -Christine