Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Little Ballerinas ...

A received a ballerina kit from Santa ... it has a mat, a ballet bar and a DVD about ballet with it. We finally took it out today to try it. M, of course, wanted to put her ballet clothes on too and join in the fun!

My little ballerinas!!

Dancing Queens ...<

M took a break from dancing to play with her sister's Rescue Heroes Helicopter (it was probably her only chance to play with it for more than 2 seconds before A took it back!) LOL!

A was really into it ... trying to get her feet just right on the mat!

Posted by mom!


Anonymous said...

The girls look they are having a great time with the dance bar! What a great gift! I hope they use it in good health. Btw, the girls are beautiful! They have grown up so much!

Samantha's Mom

Anonymous said...

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