Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Day at the Farm

Today we went to a farm and had a lot of fun just playing!!! =)

Kids on the train with their aunt!

A coming down the big slide!!! (M road it as well, but I had ot take her on it so I don't have any pictures!)

M watching A on the ponies! =)

And there she is! =)

I just think she looks so cute here!! =)

feeding the animals!

Trying to feed the animals ... of course every time the animals came near ... M dropped all the food on the ground!

Going in the spook shed!!! This takes lots of courage!! LOL!!! ;-)

We bought M's costume today!! I LOVE how cute she looks in it!!! My little tiger!! =)

What an endearing picture of father and child ... so sweet ROFL!!! ;-)

Yet another endearing picture of father and child! It just brings tears to my eyes looking at it ROFL!!! ;-)

Petting papa’s new doggy =)

Going in the dizzy Zone ... she was nervous to go in at first, but once she did go in, she loved it! =)

All worn out from playing the day away ....

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Mel said...

What fun!

Cath said...

Your kids are beautiful. I'm Cath BTW, just getting into blogging and gonna try my hand at scrapbooking, no idea where to start tho!!!!
Great blog!